West Sussex Urology Consultant Mr Barnaby Chappell Now Offering Innovative Treatment Proven to Improve The Outcomes of Prostate Cancer Therapy at BMI Goring Hall Hospital.

An innovative procedure, clinically proven to reduce the short-term and long-term side-effects of prostate cancer radiotherapy is now available to patients throughout the South Coast at a leading BMI Hospital.

This new treatment involves implanting a unique, soft gel spacer called SpaceOAR Hydrogel , temporarily positioning the rectum away from the prostate (by an average of 1cm) 1.  This space moves the rectum out of the zone of radiation and exposes the bowel to a significantly lower dose of radiation during treatment. Reducing radiation exposure to the organs and tissues surrounding the prostate is proven to result in far fewer side-effects such as rectal bleeding, bowel dysfunction 1, urinary incontinence 2 and erectile dysfunction 3.

The gel, SpaceOAR received positive NICE guidance in 2017, it is a minimally invasive, water-based hydrogel which lasts for the duration of radiation treatment – about three months – before being naturally absorbed into the body, in about six months.

Stephen McGill, Vice President and General Manager of Augmenix stated “SpaceOAR is helping preserve the quality of life for men undergoing prostate cancer radiation therapy across the UK, and it has been implanted in over 35,000 patients worldwide.  We are excited to be working with Mr Barnaby Chappell at BMI Goring Hall Hospital, providing patients throughout the South Coast greater access to SpaceOAR Hydrogel.”

Watch the video here:https://westsussexurology.co.uk/spaceoar/


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