Paediatric Urology Information

Diagnosis, Therapy

Children with urological conditions are generally fairly rare and are managed in specialist centres by dedicated Paediatric Urological Surgeons. There are a number of common conditions which are managed by the general urologists which include problems with the foreskin, hydroceles and undescended testicles. Conditions in the adolescent child affecting their bladder are also managed locally.


The non retractile foreskin is common within childhood and generally resolves with time. There are a number of conditions where there are medical indications for circumcision including BXO and recurrent infections.

Undescended testicle

Around 1 in 20 boys are born with undescended testicles and 1 in 70 boys the testicles will remain undescended. Although there is no immediate risk in the long term is advisable to operate to bring them into the scrotum to aid with fertility, improve the detection of cancer and for cosmetic reasons.


Fluid around the testicles in childhood results from a residual connection between the abdomen and the scrotum. The scrotum is obviously enlarged and they may also have a hernia. For this reason if they persist after the age of 2, repair is advisable.

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