Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections (including Uromune)

Diagnosis, Therapy

UTIs are the most frequent bacterial infections in humans. Up to a third of women will experiences one in their lifetime and a quarter of patients having a UTI will have a recurrence within 6 months. For those who suffer with recurrent UTIs it can be severely debilitating.

Although prophylactic antibiotics are known to help prevent recurrent infections, increased resistance to antibiotics has encouraged new therapies. Here are a few tips for avoiding them.

Patient self-initiated:

Stopping the use of spermicides and diaphragms during intercourse

Food supplement D-mannose has been shown to be as effective as nitrofurantoin in preventing recurrent UTIs

Self-initiated antibiotic therapy – either prophylactic antibiotic (trimethoprim 100mg post intercourse) or when an infection occurs

Doctor initiated:

Ensure no post void residual  / anatomical abnormalities

Topical vaginal oestrogen. Changes in oestrogen levels post menopause can lead to an atrophic vagina and the eradication of vaginal lactobacilli (both being risk factors for UTIs).

Hiprex (methenamine) antibacterial 1g BD with vitamin C

Uromune sublingual vaccine is an exciting development in the treatment of recurrent UTIs. Having been used in Spain for many years it is now available in the UK and specifically at The Nuffield with Suzie Venn and Angela Birnie.