Vasectomy & Vasectomy Reversal Information

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A vasectomy is an operation intended as a permanent method of male contraception.  The aim is to render a man infertile and therefore unable to father any more children.

Before your actual procedure you will  be invited to attend a counselling session. This is to discuss the procedure with a Consultant and ensure you are fully informed before giving consent to treatment.We suggest that you arrange to be collected from the hospital, as you will be unable to drive yourself home.


Reversal Vasectomy

Reversal of Vasectomy is performed to restore fertility in men who have had a vasectomy but wish to father more children. The West Sussex Urology group provide a high quality, competitively priced reversal of vasectomy service.Your Surgeons
If you wish to have your operation at Chichester please contact us, it will be performed by Mrs Suzie Venn and at Worthing by Mr Simon Woodhams or Mr Barnaby ChappellAbout your operation
The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A cut is made on the scrotum and the ends of the vas are found and stitched back together with fine sutures using microscope loops. The skin is closed using dissolvable stitches. Patients may stay overnight or go home the same day. Patients will be given antibiotics to prevent infections.

The published outcome of this operation is a patency rate (which means a positive sperm count) of 50-70%. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily result in a pregnancy and the published outcomes of a successful pregnancy are around 25%.Mrs Suzie Venn has audited her own results and has a patency rate of over 90%. It is more difficult to be certain of pregnancy rates due to confidentiality, but we ask patients to let know and approximately a third have told us they have conceived.


As with any operation there is a risk of bruising and infection. Although pain is minimum after the operation generally not requiring more than paracetamol, all operations on the scrotum carry a risk of long-term discomfort. It is advisable to wear supportive underpants for 6 weeks to reduce the chance of this occurring. The operation may not be successful in achieving a positive sperm count.


Pain relief will be given to take home. It is essential that you rest for a few days to allow the tubes to heal and keep the skin wound clean. We would suggest that vigorous exercise is avoided for 2 weeks and cycling for approximately 6 weeks.

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