After seeing my GP with blood in my urine he referred me to Simon immediately. Within days I had a TURBT which showed slow growing tumours. For about three years I had three monthly follow ups with both flexible and rigid cystoscopies, always performed by Simon or Miss Bong, another amazing doctor. Eventually though my cancer turned nasty on me and we had to go a different route. Two courses of chemo followed by two courses of BCG and no better. I was then recommended for a radical cystectomy. Before the operation Simon sat with me in the cubicle to chat and calm my nerves, never had that with a surgeon before, his kindness and personal touch made everything much easier. I got sick again a couple of weeks after my op with Sepsis and was admitted into Worthing hospital, Simon had me moved onto his ward and looked after me as well as a mother could. If not him then his team were checking on me continually. I felt so safe. Well now five years have passed and I am as fit as a flea and it is all thanks to Simon Woodhams and his amazing team. He made me feel safe and cared for and fully informed every step of the way, a wonderful doctor.