I just wanted to show my appreciation regarding my issue which arose in early April 2020.I was very impressed with the speedy response from you and your team in getting me into The Nuffield Hospital for a Cystoscopy of which you thoroughly carried out with  a complete and clear precise procedure.
Of course at that time I knew how difficult it was for all medical consultants to have to combine their duties in and around Covid-19 in our local hospitals in which you encountered pressures working in and around the pandemic.
You were very professional and  informative in telling and reassuring me of the outcome going forward with the diagnosis and the prognosis. I would like to thank the Nuffield Hospital also for their care and their commitment  in assisting you with good communication throughout.
This was also the case with Anna Green (Secretary) who was from the beginning of my medical case professional, informative and her communication throughout the entire duration of my issue was nothing less than brilliant. This made me feel relaxed and positive knowing I was in great hands from the start.
Well done everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart.