What Our Patients Are Saying

I have been referred twice to Mr Chappell and both times I was reassured because he was extremely thorough and diligent in investigating my problem. I trusted him implicitly. I found that he was very kind and easy to talk to. My consultations were never rushed as he took time to listen to me.I was treated me with sensitivity and understanding by him – especially when I underwent a couple of procedures. Although I was prescribed medication, Mr Barnaby suggested that I be referred to another consultant to undergo a course of Uromune vaccinations. I have now finished the Course and been free of symptoms for 9 months. (I had no side-effects from it.) I consider that I was very lucky to be seen by him.


Testimonial for Barney Chapell

I am writing to say how much we appreciated you arranging tests and the procedure in such a timely manner…. I would especially like to express my thanks to yourself and your team for the care and attention which I received…nothing was too much trouble.

Testimonial for Paul Carter

She was extremely easy to talk to and I valued that very much. She proposed a course of Uromune vaccine and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed decision. I trusted her implicitly, not only because I respected her judgement, but because she had gained a clear understanding of my personal medical history. I also knew that she would be readily available should I have any misgivings or problems. I am delighted that I have been clear if infections for 8.5 months! I feel so much better and have more energy and can now make plans with confidence that I won’t have to cancel because I will be impeded and unwell with an infection. I actually cannot think of any way that improvements could be made by her, I would not hesitate to ask for her help again.

Testimonial for Angela Birnie