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Mr Rob Frymann,
I wanted to say thank you very much for all the care and attention that you have given me over the past year or so. It is because of your professionalism that my prostate cancer was found at an early stage, despite me having none of the known symptoms.
I would be grateful if you could also pass on my thanks to your colleague Mr Chappell, who performed my biopsy.
Because of your early diagnosis I was able to have a robotically assisted prostatectomy, which hopefully will be a cure. I am only nine days into my recuperation following surgery.
Thank you also to your secretaries, who were always very helpful & cheerful.

Testimonial for Rob Frymann
  • Review average rating: 5 stars
  • Review text: After relocating to Southampton from the Midlands (and needing to see an experienced urologist) I was recommended by a good friend to see James Hicks who was described as ‘the best’ person to see and I am delighted to have followed that advice I shall always be eternally grateful for that recommendation. I consider myself to be very well blessed having had the benefit of the services of such an excellent doctor who is not only highly rated in his specialist field he is also a very caring professional with a genuine desire to listen to his patients and to attend to any concerns and to advise in a calm and easy manner; his patients can have complete faith and trust in this exceptional him. I am also very grateful to James Hicks for his skill and expertise and for his kindness and I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Testimonial for James Hicks

Genuine kind and caring. I had a referral for TURPs from a urologist. However at my “interview” Mr. Frymann said ” If I think a Holup is warranted , should I do that as well or just leave it as you are referred for. Fortunately I opted for HoLEP , which he did. After the operation I just knew all was perfect . Three weeks later and I am better than I have been for 20 years.( I had a HoLEP done 7 years ago and it gave me many problems over the years) Number 1 for sure !


Testimonial for Rob Frymann, Nov 2021

Felt completely at ease and safe in Mr Woodhams care.

Testimonial for Simon Woodhams

I have lived with BPH symptoms: urgency, frequency, restricted flow etc for over 10 years having had a PVP and TURis during that time to resolve the enlargement. However more recently prostatic re-growth had caused a further range of uncomfortable symptoms to surface including random episodes of visible haematuria. Mr Frymann was very positive and reassured me that there was a solution and he introduced me to the HoLEP procedure clearly and concisely explaining the process, everything involved and the possible (although unlikely) risks. … It’s now been three months since the procedure and the results for me have been remarkable, virtually all the symptoms improved within a couple of weeks as the healing progressed and now I am virtually symptomless ( just occasionally some urgency) I am delighted with the outcome and with Mr Frymann’s skills and expertise.

Testimonial for Rob Frymann, April 2021

Dear Miss Birnie, thank you for your advice and care. The bladder Botox treatment has been an absolute life changer.

Testimonial for Angela Birnie

I could not have been in better hands; James is a highly skilled and professional Surgeon, as well as being a charming and informative Consultant Surgeon, who also instils confidence. Thank you James, I am immensely grateful to you and your wonderful surgical team. I was seen at Guildford.

  • Date: 28 Jan 2021
  • Review average rating: 5 stars
Testimonial for James Hicks

I just wanted to show my appreciation regarding my issue which arose in early April 2020.I was very impressed with the speedy response from you and your team in getting me into The Nuffield Hospital for a Cystoscopy of which you thoroughly carried out with  a complete and clear precise procedure.
Of course at that time I knew how difficult it was for all medical consultants to have to combine their duties in and around Covid-19 in our local hospitals in which you encountered pressures working in and around the pandemic.
You were very professional and  informative in telling and reassuring me of the outcome going forward with the diagnosis and the prognosis. I would like to thank the Nuffield Hospital also for their care and their commitment  in assisting you with good communication throughout.
This was also the case with Anna Green (Secretary) who was from the beginning of my medical case professional, informative and her communication throughout the entire duration of my issue was nothing less than brilliant. This made me feel relaxed and positive knowing I was in great hands from the start.
Well done everyone and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Testimonial for James Hicks
Mr S July 2020

Thank you for helping us out with dad’s health issues and thank you to James and yourself for all the help and care you have provided. You have been a great help to me in the past and have once again provided my family with support and understanding at a difficult time for us.


Testimonial for James Hicks

Please send our regards to Mr. Woodhams also, our minds are much more at ease now we have a treatment plan. He was extremely kind, informative and explained the plan for surgery to us clearly.

Testimonial for Simon Woodham

I was referred to Mr Magrill after traces of blood had been found in my urine during a routine medical. My first consultation included (unexpectedly) a whole series of tests which meant that 2hrs later I left the outpatients clinic knowing there was nothing seriously wrong. Very proactive care delivered very efficiently and much appreciated!

Testimonial for Dan Magrill

Please send our regards to Mr. Woodhams also, our minds are much more at ease now we have a treatment plan.

He was extremely kind, informative and explained the plan for surgery to us clearly.


Testimonial for Simon Woodhams