What Our Patients Are Saying

I cannot thank Mr. Frymann enough for what he has done for me. After seven years living with B.P.H and struggling the last two he became the answer to all my prayers after following the normal route. Basically I underwent a H.O.L.E.P procedure which he performed, but what actually amazed me was how quick the procedure was performed from the first consultation, and when he asked me when would you like it done. The results have been phenomenal when I think back on all the suffering the condition put me through, I now have a perfectly normal life and I must say it took me a while to actually realise what normal was. I no longer take any medication, my P.S.A has returned to normal, I sleep through the night and I no longer have any symptoms associated with B.P.H at all. Mr. Frymann is a true professional who has a gift to give hope to people and in my case he gave me my normal life back which has now made me physically and mentally stronger with a regained focus for taking life by the hands, like I said I cannot thank him enough and if I am honest he will have a place in my heart for as long as I draw breath.

Testimonial for Rob Frymann, Oct 2019

I hope this message finds you both well.

I’m not sure if you remember me … Mr Chappell diagnosed me in September 2019, with Mr Woodhams conducting the surgery. 

You both may or may not remember, but I was extremely anxious about the situation. I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for acting so quickly to diagnose, and operate. The speed of the appointments and procedure really helped me to deal with the situation and resulted in me being in a much more positive frame of mind throughout. I can’t thank you enough for your time in helping me come to terms with the diagnosis, and talking me through the processes. 

Testimonial for Mr Chappell and Mr Woodhams, Oct 2019

Rob Frymann was the surgeon that performed HoLEP surgery to alleviate the symptoms of my severely enlarged prostate. Mr Frymann explained the procedure extremely well, and put me totally at ease with his confidence and professionalism. He was direct and honest about the recovery period and post surgery care. He listened properly and answered my questions fully regarding ongoing medication and the risks involved in the surgery. As a result, I entered into the surgical procedure with far greater confidence, and much more hope of a full recovery with improved health. I cannot recommend this absolute gentleman enough.

Testimonial for Rob Frymann, Sept 2019